W4RFR/R 145.11 Repeater Operations - R303/TD-5 installation

Installation of the Hamtronics R303 and TD-5 units.

R303 technical sheet
TD-5 technical sheet

Prototype in the shack.

Current recever, RCA antenna connector silver RCA to upper right on top of wire harness chicken nest.

Wiring to SCOM DB-25 clock-wise from bottom. Note pages refer to the 7K operations manual (see below for direct links).
Red, Tx PTT, DB25-10
Black, Tx audio out, DB25-14
Green, Rx COR/COS, DB25-2 pg C3-4
Blue, Rx CTCSS decoder, DB25-5 pg C8
White, Rx audio in, DB25-1 pg C6-7
Shield/Silver, Ground, DB25-20