HSHRC Ham Radio License: Everything you need to get on the air

We strongly encourage anyone who joins the HSHRC to become a licensed Ham radio operator so you can use our communication services and enjoy the wonderful world of ham radio. Some folks might consider ham radio to be old timey or something that is not necessary anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. In emergency situations, like recent hurricanes and even 9/11, it is ham radio operators that provide critical emergency communication operations.

In addition, with the advent of the Internet, there are many new and exciting technologies emerging that bring ham radio technology into the world of high tech. From voice synthesizers, to controlling remote repeaters through the Internet, to connecting geographically separated repeaters through the Internet, the possibilities are endless.

Everything that you need to know about getting your ham radio license is located The FCC Amateur Radio Service.

It is now easier than ever to become a ham radio operator. All you need is your Technician license in order to communicate on the two meter band which is where we communicate locally in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. It's a great first step, and the exam is really pretty easy to prepare for and to take.

Required Reading for Ham Licensing
ARRL.org Store - The American Radio Relay League has everything you will ever need.

Learning Morse Code (Not required for the Technician Class Licence)
CWCom Software - Program for practicing code on the Internet. We tune it to 4644.
Morse Code Tables - The di-dah chart here is very helpful
W1AW Code Practice Files from the ARRL site
AA9PW Morse Code Practice Page
Morse code keyer interface cables
The Complete Guide to Morse Code (Thank you Susan Lowe and her student Mary!!!)

Written Exams
AA9PW Practice Exams with random written test generators on the left pane
General Written Exam Study Hints submitted by Steve Mook (AD5TF) 11/16/2004
Extra Written Exam Study Hints - Calculations submitted by Steve Mook (AD5TF) 11/22/2004

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